I am a social designer and educator who uses co-creative and participatory methods and tools to understand and address the complex challenges faced by communities and organizations. I am passionate about the systems and structures that influence our behavior and choices as citizens, community members, co-workers, and consumers. Design process gives me a rigorous methodology for discovering and defining underlying issues. By pointing to the problem behind the problem, designers have the ability to reveal nested questions, factors, and perspectives in order to identify insights and opportunities. I work with people to create collaborative and productive spaces where these insights lead us to new ways of meeting our greatest needs and desires.

I work as an experience design strategist at The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington. Previously, I was a professor of design and director of the Design for Social Impact graduate program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

I am a founding member of The Think Tank that has yet to be named

, a social practice and artistic research studio. We initiate research, conversations, and actions that explore contemporary sociopolitical issues in the places where we encounter them.

Before turning my attention full time to design, I created a number of artistic projects that investigated how I (we) occupy and create meaning in spaces.