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Hinduism Clarified and Simplified by Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

By Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

Hinduism Clarified and Simplified is the easiest booklet on Hinduism written thus far; and so much specific and exhaustive one. nearly every thing worthy stating has been incorporated in it. SanÄtana Dharma, the everlasting faith, is now referred to as Hinduism. based on Manusmriti, it really is MÄnava Dharma: Human faith, the faith for all humans. Hinduism because the MÄnava Dharma needs all to be at liberty and fit: sarve bhawantu sukhinah. Hinduism as everlasting faith asks all to develop from within and soak up cosmic strength; to grasp the self and the writer Brahman; and to get united to that Absolute God via natural deeds, ethical acts, penance and meditation for moksha (Salvation). learn, imagine, and persist with the dictates of chic and divine visionary rishis for wisdom, keep an eye on, stability, desire and religion; for whole dwelling via dharma, artha, kÄma and moksha; for well-being, happiness, peace, excitement, prosperity, revelation and enlightenment; and freedom from the unending cycle of start, loss of life and rebirth.

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