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History of Kas'mira (Kashmir): Aryans, Naga’s, Evolution, by Brigadier Rattan Kaul

By Brigadier Rattan Kaul

This publication on Kashmir titled background of Kas\'mira (Kashmir) is his ten years learn and writing attempt, which covers many elements of Kas\'mira (Kashmir) Aryans, Naga\'s, Evolution, Rulers from precedent days, non secular Beliefs/Worship, spiritual Era\'s, Aberrations in Kalhan\'s Rajatarangiri and Goddesses of Kas\'mira (Kashmir). The contents are all that what we needs to find out about Kas\'mira; triumphs, travails, origins and numerous points of historical past Brigadier Kaul used to be the single to convey, for the 1st time, most modern photo of greater than one thousand years previous Sharda Temple in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and proportion it with Goddess Sharda\'s worshippers in India.These aren't the triumphs and travails of Aryan Saraswat Brahmins of Kas\'mira {Kashmir}, as a rule known as Bhatta or now Kashmiri Pandit, yet transition of Aryan Saraswat group as a complete via millenniums of non secular philosophies, seek of id, Gotra orientation, honorific\'s; Bhatta and Pandit and selective surnames. This medium intends to remind of Aryan roots, genesis of particular names and surnames, honorific, with information, to provide perception of that period, sooner than those move into oblivion. now not a lot is understood competently concerning the rulers of Kas\'mira other than what has been pointed out in Kalhan\'s Rajatarangini, which at the least covers interval upto 1150 advert simply. even though there were another chronicles, such a lot of them other than that of Jonaraja fell in need of expectancies. Even either those didn't hide our origins, roots, settlements, spiritual ideals, transition in the course of the moment millennium. Rulers are answerable for shaping the future in their topics, the ebook covers this element and analyses their attempt in shaping Kas\'mira. A composite compendium of all what we must always be aware of of Kas\'mira over the past over 5 millenniums, together with occasions that formed existence within the appealing valley of Sage Kashyap, land of Vitasta River and what Kalhan pointed out: “There even to this present day drops of sandal ointment provided via the Gods are to be visible at Nandikshetra, the place of dwelling of Shiva.

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