Place In Place Of: Berlin

2005 – 2006 / Berlin, Germany & Philadelphia, USA began in June of 2005 during the course of a three-month artist residency at the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft in Berlin, Germany. J. Meredith Warner and I utilized the blog format as a rich medium to understand and document the city, and to present concurrent and collaborative investigations and interpretations of Berlin. That was Then.


This is Now. Newly re-settled in Philadelphia, USA after several years away, we have both been thinking often of Berlin—memories sparked equally by the noticeable similarities between the two cities and the inevitability of nostalgia that anniversaries can invite. Place and memory are inseparable companions: to remember is to exist is to be in some place. So it makes sense to continue this Berlin project in spite of—no, because of—living in Philadelphia and expand the field of our investigations of that city to the complex ways in which we remember it and recreate the memories of it.