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Be Like Water: Strategies for infusing design in healthcare organizations

Earlier this year, Katie McCurdy and I gave a presentation about our design work in healthcare at Interaction Design Association’s annual conference, Interaction17, in New York City. We shared several case studies in order to demonstrate how our approach is slowly permeating the UVM Medical Center, and changing its culture along the way.

Picture a large academic medical center full of passionate and committed people — nurses, doctors and many other staff — who feel constrained by a rigid and hierarchical environment that doesn’t always support the best user experiences for patients or employees. Now imagine two lone designers trying to make a difference in this setting, navigating a dense bureaucracy, looking for kindred spirits and building productive partnerships across silos. In this talk, we share stories of how human-centered design can infuse humanity and bring about cultural change within a hospital, mediating organizational needs with those of end users who may be stressed or vulnerable.

We discuss projects that span the design of systems, clinical processes, services, environments, digital interactions, and printed materials. These vignettes show how we have used generative, participatory, and action-oriented methods and tools to creatively and empathetically solve complex healthcare problems, all the while changing perceptions of what work looks like. Learn how human-centered design can help bring the human scale back to the heart of our healthcare institutions.

Here’s a video of our talk:

“Design Is Culture” Presentation at HXRefactored 2016

Earlier this year, I participated in a panel discussion “Designing within a healthcare system: challenges and strategies” at HxRefactored 2016 on April 5, 2016. This post is rather late, but here are the slides on this page to my talk “Design Is Culture,” which builds upon my earlier article “Design Tools for Social Engagement in Organizations”:

SMSC at ISEA2009

I will be traveling to Belfast on Tuesday to attend ISEA2009, the International Symposium on Electronic Art. I will also be giving a short presentation on the Social Media for Social Change project. As a refresher, SMSC is a design research collaboration between me, three undergraduate students, and members of the Action Mill that is funded by the Philadelphia Applied Research Lab at the University of the Arts. Continue reading

The Think Tank Descends Upon Boston (Somerville, to be precise)


Several Directors from the Think Tank that has yet to be named (including me) converged in Boston a couple weekends ago to present a project called “Community” in Question: Conversations and readings on art, activism, and community vis-à-vis the Green Line Expansion in which we investigated the proposed public transportation expansion (MBTA Green Line) into Somerville-Medford to examine how residents respond to (both for and against) changes in transportation and how transportation effects their cities. The project was developed for a conference on the intersection of art and activism at Tufts University, and, while the conference proceedings I attended were rather exasperating, I think our project was one of the TT’s most successful to date. We organized a talking/walking tour along a portion of the proposed transit expansion Somerville and then culminated at the Davis Square T stop on the Red Line in Somerville’s largely gentrified central hub. The unique opportunity here was to observe and discuss the effects of the previous expansion (dating from the mid-80s) on the community 25 years hence in order to consider the potential effects of Green Line expansion on another part of Somerville and adjacent Medford. In the process of developing the project we contacted and invited key stakeholders and policy makers from the community to offer their expertise and perspectives, and several of these folks joined our walk and greatly enriched the conversation. Also noteworthy is the release of Vol. IV in the series of occassional readers which compiles several texts on the following themes related to the question of community: Theoretical discussions on Community, Learning from Activists/Organizers: How to participate in a community, [Common] Space, Artistic responses to Community, Building Communities.